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    Our powerful lobby turns challenges into opportunities for our clients. Customise your event with a tailor-made designs. López Leza Consultores carries out activities aimed at influencing decisions concerning the transport sector by building dialogue and relationships between the client and legislators, and by exchanging analyses, statistics, audits and initiative impact studies.

    Legal and political

    Our goal is to ensure that our clients have first-hand knowledge of the strategies, trends and policy frameworks in the sector at a global level, because these are the instruments by which legislative developments take place in the medium to long term. We also aim to respond to any problems and needs for clarification or modification regarding current legislation.

    New markets

    Africa, Asia and America are growing. Foreign trade accounts for 33% of Spanish GDP. Spanish exports rose by 3.8% in 2012, more than Italy (3.7%), Germany (3.6%) or France (3.1%). We believe that the time is right for Spanish transport companies to open new international services and branches in other countries.


    López Leza Consultores contributes by putting on workshops, seminars, conferences, etc. in order to increase our clients’ public visibility, to publicise their activities and positions, to strengthen their relationship with the media and press and to foster the creation of synergies and partnerships with other stakeholders.

    Why choose us?

    We are familiar with all the major decision-making centres that impact transport, and can therefore represent our clients in these fora and provide them with first-hand knowledge of the current conditions in the sector. This enables our clients to prepare their management, organization and services for the requirements of future legislation.
    We ensure that our clients have a high-profile presence in international fora and markets by means of active representation and by consulting on the situation of the sector in other countries, and on the procedures, activities and contacts required to set up new businesses or services.
    in domestic and international organisations have required, amongst other values: excellence in terms of content, and a responsible and confidential approach to dealing with clients and data.

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